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Grown Up Ninja

Grown Up Ninja Class is a class based on our Ninja Curriculum that will focus on Tumbling, Vaulting, Kicks, and Flips. Grown Up Ninja is a fun and safe environment to challenge yourself and stay active. You will be challenged at your level whether you are a beginner or long time parkour or tricking athlete.

Why Saturday Ninja Classes

Class starts with a warm up working both cardio and flexibility. Then continues with lessons working skills, drills, and strength exercises. Finally each class gets to put their skills and creativity to the test during Lines practice. A "Line" is a term from parkour that means a series of connected skills. With a new set of obstacles each week, students will have 44 seconds to complete as many different skills as they can and get to the buzzer before time runs out.

Tuition is $15 per week, billed monthly.

Wednesday 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Starting May 22nd

Multi Student Discount does apply if you have any immediate family members enrolled in any class.

Check out Coach Josiah competing at the Grown Up Ninja Games that were a part of a staff training convention.

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