Registration and Payment

Registration for new and returning students

New and Returning Students should register here on the website or on our "Jana's Gymnastics" App.

Re-enrollment for currently enrolled students

Currently enrolled students will automatically be re-enrolled in the next session unless we are notified of the desire to transfer classes or drop from class. You will be billed for the next 8-week session on the 8th week of each session. If payment is not made by the first day of the session, you will be dropped to allow new or waitlisted students a spot in the class. Please let us know by the 8th week of the current session if you wish to switch days or times or drop from the class.

Payment Procedures

Payment is due in full prior to class. Payment by credit card can be made through the Parent Portal or our "Jana's Gymnastics" app. Payment by check or cash is accepted at the gym.

Annual Registration

Annual Registration is $35 per student due every January 1st. The registration fee is pro-rated after January when each new session begins.

At the Gym

When you arrive for class

Please enter through the metal door to the left of the garage door. Place your child's belongings in a cubby and send your child out to the floor for class once the previous class has finished. Please change clothes in the changing rooms or bathroom before class starts.

Staying to Watch

You are always welcome to stay and watch your child's class. You can also leave and come back if you wish, but we do ask that parents of young children stay for all classes in case they need help using the bathroom. However, ONLY currently enrolled students are allowed on the equipment.

Picking up your child

For their safety we do not allow students to wait outside to be picked up. Come inside to pick up your child.

Gym Attire

Girls must wear a one-piece leotard and may wear soft shorts with no snaps, buckles, or zippers. Boys must wear a T-shirt and shorts with no snaps, buckles, or zippers. All students must be barefoot for their safety. Students should not wear necklaces, wristbands, ankle-bands, or earrings.

New Leotards and Shorts

We have brand new leotards and shorts for sale near the desk. You may use our changing rooms to try on new leotards or shorts before purchasing them.

Consignment Rack

You can sell leotards that your child has outgrown or purchase a leotard that someone else is selling.
To purchase a leotard, simply give us the card with the name on it and the money for the leotard. 
To sell a leotard - place it on a hanger with a note attached with your name, price and any other identifying information you'd like on it and hang it on the Consignment Rack.
When the leotard sells, we will credit your account for that amount and send you an email to let you know that your leotard has sold. Leotards need to be removed when you drop from class. Credits will not be applied students not currently enrolled in class. 
Jana's Gymnastics can not be responsible for lost or missing leotards.

Forgot your leotard?

"Things Happen" We get it. If you forget your leotard or something happens during class that requires a change of leotard, we've got you covered. We have a Just-In-Case Box with every size leotard. If you find yourself in need of a leotard, just ask at the desk and we'll let you borrow a leotard for the day. The only thing we ask is that you take it home, wash it and return it so that we can always offer clean leotards.

Water at the gym

You can bring your own water bottles, get a drink from the water fountain, or purchase a water at the desk for $1. There are cup holders on top of the cubbies. Water is not allowed on the floor or any other equipment.

Communication and Cancellations

Weather Cancellations

We do not follow any particular school when closing for weather, however, we are in Plymouth Community School's district and their decisions weigh heavily on our decisions. When Plymouth closes, we will most likely close. If Plymouth only has a delay or is closed for Fog or Windchill, we most likely will remain open. When the gym closes for weather, the missed class is made up during any BGT that fits your schedule. Please download the "Jana's Gymnastics" App to be notified of cancellations. 

Missed Classes

When classes are missed for any reason, BGT can be used to make up the missed class. BGT (Bonus Gym Time) is a drop-in class with instruction on all events. When BGT is used as a make up there is no charge. When BGT is used as an extra class the $5 tuition applies.


The fastest and most reliable way to get notified about cancellations or special events is through our "Jana's Gymnastics" App. Please download the app and turn on notifications. We also send out emails about future session dates, special events, and other important information.