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Gym Jam

Gym Jam is offered at 7:30 on Wednesdays

Gym Jam is a time for students to get extra time in the gym or make up an absence.

Register for Gym Jam through your parent portal.

The easiest way to use the parent portal is through our Jana's Gymnastics App.

You must register for Gym Jam each time you wish to attend. Enrollment is dropped each week after the class.

When registering you choose: Tumbling/Tumbl Trak, Bars, Beam or Ninja by registering for the Gym Jam class with your preference in the title.

When used as a make-up there is no charge, but the make-up must be scheduled through your parent portal as a make-up.

*This is different from simply registering for Gym Jam

$10 for currently enrolled students.

$18.25 for students not currently enrolled in any other class.

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