How are classes divided?

Classes are divided by age and skill level. Each lesson plan is designed to work with several skill levels.

How will I know when my child is ready to move up?

We keep track of student skills online. You can check their progress in the Parent Portal.

What should my child wear?

Girls need to wear a one-piece leotard with their hair pulled up and away from their face.
Boys need to wear soft shorts and a tucked in T-Shirt.
No socks please. Bare legs and feet are best. For your convenience, we sell leotards and soft shorts.

Can I stay and watch class?

YES! You are welcome to stay and watch every single class. You are also free to run errands. 

We have provided as much seating as we possibly can. Our priority is our gymnasts, so we have given them the most space, but we want you to feel comfortable too. You can sit in the seating area by the desk or on the benches along the wall. 

Please do not walk on the purple floor or step up onto it. Only currently enrolled students are allowed on the equipment.

What if the weather is bad?

We do not follow any particular school system when closings are determined, but we do take Plymouth Community School Corporations's decisions into consideration. If Plymouth closes, it is very likely we will close as well. If Plymouth has a delay, it is likely we will not close for the evening. 
If we do close, we will post it on our Facebook page, on WSBT and send out an email and/or text. Missed classes due to weather are made up during any BGT that fits your schedule.

What is BGT?

Bonus Gym Time. BGT serves several purposes

  • ​An extra class for students currently enrolled in a class

    • ​$5/visit

  • A drop in class for students who are not able to commit to an 8 week session

    • ​$16.25/visit

  • Make Up class used when a regularly scheduled class is missed or cancelled for any reason​

    • ​$0 when used to make up a missed class

How can I pay for class?

You can pay online through our Parent Portal or our app. You can pay at the gym by check or cash.

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

You can look through our policies or contact us using the buttons below.